This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Check out these interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Will I Be Gay in the Resurrection?” by Wesley Hill

Hill writes here a beautiful reflection on eschatological hope and transformation, contemplating how his own same-sex attraction will be changed in the New Heaven and the New Earth, but without losing himself.

2. “Ten Questions to Ask After a Nasty Fight” by Deepak Reju

This is a great guide to thinking critically about a bad fight. Reju offers us ten questions to help us do some hard self-evaluation of our arguments, our parts in them, and our role in reconciliation. I’ve used a similar set of questions in counseling, even used some this week, and found them to be very helpful.

3. “The best secret about housekeeping: what every one who has a home needs to know” by Sarah Mae

This is a beautiful meditation on letting go of the idea that “role is identity.” Mae writes about her own breakdown as a wife/mother and how the revelation that “only God has the authority to tell you who you are” helped her turn a corner.

4. “Eight Principles of Biblical Friendship” by Brian Hedges

Based on the wise counsel of Proverbs, Brian lists some guiding principles for making, keeping, and cultivating godly friendships.

5. “Shame Culture” by David Brooks

The cultural shift away from guilt and toward shame has been discussed and dissected in many places. Here Brooks, borrowing largely from CT editor Andy Crouch, takes a stab at it. What he says is evidently true and experientially proven. The shame culture is harsh. I appreciate Brooks conclusion that we must find a “true north” and stand by it no matter what. Christians, above all peoples, should know this.

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