Most Popular Blogs of 2015

best-of-2015-091220151620--mediumOut of all the blogs I wrote last year, these five were the most popular:

Love Your LGBT Neighbor – this was the most popular post I wrote last year. Because of the tendency among Evangelicals to demonize those who disagree with us on this important issue, I felt it was important that we think both Biblically and compassionately about our neighbors in the LGBT community. I am grateful that this was viewed as often as it was over the last year.

The Reality of Following Jesus: It’s Mundane – As part of a series I was teaching in our church, this post was intended to encourage a more honest and humble look at the Christian life. We recognize that there is much joy in following Jesus, but obedience often looks like plodding. It’s important to remember this and be honest about it as we seek to encourage and support one another in our spiritual growth.

Ask Pastor Dave: Is It A Sin to Smoke Pot? – The “Ask Pastor Dave” series got a lot of attention last year. I love this series as it forces me to wrestle with subjects that I have not taken time to personally articulate or think through. This was a subject I was plenty familiar with but had not publicly discussed. I was grateful for the opportunity to address it on the blog, and surprised by how much attention it got.

Ask Pastor Dave: Do Babies Go to Heaven When they Die? – Another post in the “Ask Pastor Dave” series, this one was difficult to write. I was thankful for the support it got and the gracious interaction it received. I wish it weren’t a subject that we had to consider.

Ask Pastor Dave: Should I Attend a Gay Wedding? – I was not surprised by how much attention this post got, but I was surprised by the gracious interaction with it. For many folks this is a black and white issue and I took a bit more of a nuanced position on it, yet still my readers were very kind and patient with the post.

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