Next Week

Here are some of the posts you can expect to read next week at Pastor Dave Online:nextweek

1. A review of Addiction and Virtue by Kent Dunnington

This is an amazing, brilliant book. I’ve been blown away by Dunnington’s thesis and the development of his argument. As a philosopher he brings some fresh eyes to the topic of the nature of addiction. This will be a key resources in my research, no doubt.

2. Studies in Leviticus: Safeguarding the Sacred

Next week I will get back to Leviticus by considering chapter 24.

3. The World is Not Formless and Void

God, as the creator of the world, gets to set the proper interpretation of the world. As such, we do not get to interpret life however we want. I’ll explain this and more next week.

4. Discipleship Out of the Box

Discipleship efforts that do not take into consideration the uniqueness of individuals will tend to systematize spiritual growth, and emphasize cloning themselves instead of helping individuals develop. We want to look, next week, at a more broad and diversified approach to disciple-making.

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