Pastor Dave Online in 2015

2015It has been my joy to blog for a number of years now. I write in large part to help myself better think through issues and ideas, but I am grateful for the small group of folks who take the time to read what I write and to interact with me on it. I hope it proves helpful, challenging, and refreshing to them. As I look towards the new year there will be many similarities to previous years: weekly book reviews, interviews, study topics, and slews of posts on Christian living in a sinful world. Here’s some more specific things that you can expect to see next year at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A Year Long Study of the Book of Leviticus

Every year I pick a topic that I am going to study for the whole year. This year’s topic is the Old Testament book of Leviticus. It’s one of those books that is dense and difficult to understand, the one that many people skip over in their regular reading of the Bible. In an effort to better understand the claims of  2 Timothy 3:16-17 I am tackling this rather complex book. Join me as I seek to understand the larger theological agenda of the book, its placement in the canon and the narrative of redemption, the details of its historical context, and its usefulness in the Christian life.

2. Ask Pastor Dave

This series was very popular last year and I look forward to participating in it again this year. For part of the year I will be bringing it back. Submit your questions and I will do my best to answer them.

3. Studies on Friendship

I have increasingly come to see the importance and necessity of friendship in the Christian life. A theology of friendship continues to interest me. I have written a great deal on various aspects of friendship already, but as I move into the new year I plan to write more and reflect more. I hope you’ll join me in this study.

4. Interviews

I am indebted to so many important theologians for my own personal theology, methodology, and understanding. It has been my joy, then, to talk with many of these theologians and seek to clarify in greater detail doctrinal and practical issues. I hope to continue this trend in 2015 with more interviews, inviting newer voices to contribute to conversation topics here at Pastor Dave Online.

5. Counseling Seminars

As part of our advanced crisis counseling training next year we are hosting three seminars to give specific training in counseling some uniquely challenging cases. This year’s three seminars cover same-sex attraction, domestic abuse, and depression. As I read up on these topics, study, and interact with a variety of experts, I hope to share my insights here. Even if you’re not in the counseling training program at CBC I hope you’ll consider joining me for these discussions here at the blog.

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