Small Group Questions for 4/13/14

Cornerstone%20Front%20SignDue to some scheduling issues the small group questions for 4/13/14 will not be posted on the church website until Monday morning. In lieu of that I am posting them here for Sunday evening small groups.


Small Group Questions from April 13, 2014

Read Text:      Matthew 8.28-34

1. Discuss your overall reaction to the message from Sunday. Did anything “stick with you” throughout this past week? Explain.

2. Bob’s major theme this weekend was stated as “We reject Christ because we value the wrong things.” What might this mean? What are you tempted to value more than Christ? What helps you to fight that temptation?

3. What sorts of things do we learn about the demonic powers in this passage of Scripture? Modern man often has trouble believing in the demonic. Why? Why is it important to acknowledge the reality of evil supernatural powers? What do we learn here about Christ’s relationship to the demonic? How can this be an encouragement to you?

4. This weekend Bob stated that the power of evil is broken in our lives by means of the truth. What might this mean? How does truth free us from the power of evil? Take time to pray together for the strength to confess sin and expose struggles to the light.

Parents: Help your kids see the importance of confession and repentance. Ask your children to explain why lying is wrong, and to explain why covering up disobedience is wrong. Read 1 John 1:9 and discuss what motivation we have to confess our sins.

5. Bob pointed out that this passage teaches us that not everyone will accept Christ. How does that knowledge affect our evangelism? What does this passage teach us about why some people may reject Christ? How should we respond to those who reject Christ?

Parents: Talk to your children about the reality that not everyone will love and follow Jesus. Explain how some people believe in false gods, some people don’t believe in any god. Explain how some people just love other things more than they love Jesus and are not willing to give those things up. Read Mark 10:17-22. Ask your children what the ruler was unwilling to give up in order to follow Jesus. Pray with them that they might be love Jesus most in their hearts.

6. This passage demonstrates that some will reject Christ. Did any of you initially reject Christ when you first heard the gospel? If so, why? What finally convinced you to accept Christ?


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