The Bible Questions Us

we must not forget that even as we ask questions of the Bible the more pressing issue is what the Bible asks of us.

Biblical Counseling in Small Groups

Small Groups are a prime place for effective Biblical Counseling within the local church.

Multiplying Small Groups

We have a great problem in our small group ministry!

Small Group Questions for 4/13/14

Small Group Questions for the weekend of 4/13/14

Developing Healthy Small Group Leaders

If you’re a small group leader, friends, don’t just be a Bible study host, be a gospel coach.

A Church of Groups

A church of groups utilizes small groups to bring community to every area of church life.

Shifting to “Spiritual Time” in Our Small Groups

Small Groups that view all of our meeting as spiritual time help us to think and live Biblically.

Small Groups Are Others-Oriented

Small groups that are most effective at discipleship are others-oriented groups

Small Groups Are Communities That Apply The Scriptures

Small groups that focus on applying the Scriptures and not simply on study are more effective at making disciples

Small Groups Are Communities of Repentance

Is your group ready to hear confessions?