Recovery Promotional Party

RecoveryIt feels weird to promote a promotional event. I recognize that I am promoting something that has the sole intent to promote something else, but so be it. Humorous though it may be, I am excited to announce that February 15th from 7-9 we will be hosting a Recovery Promotional Party, and you should come to it.

Recovery @ Cornerstone has been an exciting part of my life since I arrived at CBC. It’s a weekly joy to interact with the leaders and participants who come to this program. It is a joy to worship with them, cry with them, pray with them, and counsel them. It is a joy to be ministered to by my fellow leaders and to witness the work of the Spirit in the lives of us all. On Jan. 26th I have the joy of baptizing one of my guys before our congregation, and it is just a sampling of the overall joy I get to experience from this ministry. I want to share this joy with our whole congregation on February 15th.

What is this event? Well it is exactly what it is says it is: a promotional party. It’s both a celebration of the ministry and an opportunity for people to learn about its various components. I firmly believe that Recovery is a place for everyone. We all struggle, we all get stuck, we all need ministered to and/or to minister to others. Recovery is the kind of place where you can safely work through issues and where God might be able to use you to minister to others. I want to explain and explore those two truths in detail on this upcoming evening. I also want to reveal for folks how they can support and pray for this ministry even if they aren’t going to participate themselves. The goal of this Promotional Party is simply to encourage the congregation to support and participate in our Recovery Ministry.

As part of the means of achieving that goal we have a few key elements of our evening that you can expect. I will spend a little bit of time introducing folks to our ministry. In brief detail I will explain what the ministry is, how it works, and what our vision for it looks like. I will also explain the various ways in which people can get involved or simply support and pray for Recovery. Following that we will have some testimonies from folks who have seen and experienced the real value of gospel-centered community for their own growth and change. I am super excited to introduce our congregation to these stories. In conclusion we will have a guest worship band with us. The Caleb Hickerson Band was the team that led worship at our previous church in Ohio. Each of these guys has their own story and they communicate it through gospel-centered worship music. I love these brothers and not only them, but I love their music. They are incredibly competent musicians who love Jesus and believe in the value of ministries like Recovery. You won’t want to miss their leading us in worship of King Jesus (you can check out some of their music here).

So mark your calendars: February 15th, 7-9 pm in the Student Center at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Learn about what we do at Recovery and why it matters, learn about how you can pray for and support this ministry. Learn about how it might be able to serve you. Celebrate with us the work that God is doing.


  1. […] Garry Lloyd is one of our Recovery team leaders. He has a great background in overseeing and developing Recovery ministries at different churches. He also has great competency in Biblical Counseling, having been trained by Dr. Jay Adams – the father of the Biblical Counseling movement. We are blessed to have him leading one of our tables. For the last year he has also been overseeing our group session, and for that I am immensely thankful. I wanted to take some time to introduce Garry and hear some of his thoughts on our Recovery ministry. Also, don’t forget to check out our upcoming Recovery Promotional Party! […]

  2. […] get to see these two worlds meet and mingle for a while. Tonight at 7:00pm we will be hosting our Recovery Promotional Event. It’s a party celebrating what God is doing in our Recovery program at CBC and sharing with […]

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