When Worlds Collide

one2blueThe best friends are spiritual friends. Over the years I have had the blessing of weaving my life in with the lives of a number of great Christian men and women. God has allowed Krista and I to move in and among some great church families and develop some amazing relationships. At the various stages of my life they were instrumental in my growth. They are all part of my world in very special ways, and though these families are separated by the seasons of my life and by location, they are one family in my mind. There is a particularly special joy I find, then, when they actually merge in the same place and time. This very evening two of these worlds will merge.

Krista and I love our family at Revolution Church in Portsmouth, OH. The men I trained, the women she mentored, the countless individuals who came in and out of our home while I pastored at Rev. are family. I think about men who I helped to train who now preach, and teach, and lead small groups. I think about a young woman that we poured into who is heading off to seminary. I think about late night coffees, amazing meals, and long conversations. I think about prayers, tears, and sermons. I think about classroom discussions, counseling sessions, and outreach projects. We love Revolution. But it was not the Lord’s plan for us to stay there, and we so we left in April of 2013. With both excitement and sadness we left.

Cornerstone has quickly become a new family. In no time at all we came to love the folks at CBC. We’ve already built deep friendships. There are guys on staff that I laugh with, pray with, and rely on. There are families that we love to have in our home, and with whom we love to share our stories and burdens. There are team leaders that I count as dear brothers and sisters. I love to tell, retell, and hear the stories of our congregation, of individuals and of the church as a whole. Cornerstone is family.

What excites me about tonight is that we will get to see these two worlds meet and mingle for a while. Tonight at 7:00pm we will be hosting our Recovery Promotional Event. It’s a party celebrating what God is doing in our Recovery program at CBC and sharing with our church family both how they can get involved and how they can be cared for through this ministry. As part of our celebration I have invited some very special musical guests. The Caleb Hickerson Band is the worship band at Revolution Church. They are not only amazing musicians but they have great stories of their own, stories that they communicate clearly through gospel-centered music. They love the church, love programs like Recovery, and most of all love Jesus. They are going to be a wonderful addition to our celebration. I am excited for them to meet our Cornerstone family, and I am excited for our Cornerstone family to meet them.

Though these two congregations have existed in different locations and in different seasons of my life they are part of one large family in my mind and heart. That is, of course, part of the reality of spiritual friends. Though the church of Jesus Christ is spread out across all the world we are all one family. We are all part of the people of God and though we may exist in different places, do church in different ways, dress, talk, and sing in different ways we are one people! I am excited for this small moment in time when two of my families will merge in one place. This moment foreshadows an even greater one that we will all experience in heaven.

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