A High Calling: The Addicts Among Us

Those who struggle with addiction are among us, but are we prepared to love and help them?

A High Calling: A Philosophy of Addiction Ministry

The Four R’s provide a framework for thinking about church-based addiction ministry.

A High Calling: The Challenges of a Church-Based Addiction Ministry

Some of the more common challenges to church-based addiction ministries.

A High Calling: What I’ve Learned from Pastoring Addictcs

In working with addicts I have learned nuances about the power of confession, the significance of community, and healing of the gospel.

A Year of Studying Addictions: Concluding Thoughts

Here are a few of the most important insights I gleaned from this year’s study on addictions and recovery.

Addiction and Emotions: Pleasure

The pursuit of pleasure drives addiction, and addiction, in turn, perverts our experience of pleasure.

Addiction and Emotions: Perfectionism

An all-or-nothing attitude will keep an addict stuck in a cycle of substance abuse.

Addiction and Emotions: Shame

The experience of shame over an addiction may be a signal that we have reformulated our identity around our addiction.

Addiction and Emotions: Paranoia

Substance abuse can cultivate paranoia in two particular ways.

Addiction and Emotion: Anxiety

Anxiety can be a temptation towards substance abuse, a result of substance abuse, or a weapon for spiritual gain.