Emotions and Addiction: Depression

Whether substance abuse is the cause of or response to depression Jesus can redeem you from it.

Addiction and Emotion: An Introduction

Helping addicts means that we need to consider carefully the role of emotions in both addiction and recovery.

Changes to Recovery @ Cornerstone

We’ve made changes to Recovery @ Cornerstone and they may impact you!

Helping My Addict: Don’t Give Up Hope

As long as there is a God there is always the possibility of change.

Helping My Addict: Don’t Punish with Overreactions

Caution is required in considering when and to what degree we ought to issue consequences for the addicted individual.

Helping My Addict: Don’t Attempt to Force Repentance

Knowing the difference between forcing and promoting allow us to actively work without attempting a control we do not have.

Helping My Addict: Don’t Minimize Their Consequences

Truly caring for our loved one will mean not minimizing the impact of their consequences, but allowing God to use them for their good.

Helping My Addict: Don’t Take Responsibility For Their Sin

In order to care well for the addict we love we must learn to distinguish between our and their responsibilities.

Helping My Addict: Don’t Neglect Personal Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your own life will enable you to sustain help for others.

Helping My Addict: Introduction

It is of paramount importance that helpers know their limitations, know their role, and know themselves.