This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I compile some of my favorite or at least some of the most interesting reads from around the web. Here is this week’s list:

1. “16 Reasons to Go to Detroit Right Now” by the delicious day

You didn’t know it but the Big D is the place to be. I am excited to add some of these options to my ever-growing list of places to explore in the Motor City.

2. “A Tale of Two Thinkers: Thornbury and Metaxas on Culture, Legalism, and Holiness” by Kara Bettis

This great piece from Christ and Pop Culture takes a closer look at Eric Metaxas and Greg Thornbury on their engagement with and navigation of culture. They give us some helpful reminders on balance and caution, and yet also encourage us to be engaged with the world around us. I am a huge fan of Dr. Thornbury, he has really helped me to think through some specific questions and I am excited to see him introduced to a broader audience of Evangelicals.

3. “The Evangelical Catalyst: Rev. Dr. Harold Ockenga” by Matt Rawlings

This is a great introduction to one of the key movers and shakers of the Evangelical movement, and one far less known. Everyone knows Billy Graham, but here was a man who greatly influenced Graham. This is a good, brief, overview of his life and influence.

4. “Coffeedoxy and Heterodxy” by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

I love coffee, theology, and humor. So when a friend shared this combination of all three I was pretty stoked. Theological coffee humor!

5. “The Kiddy Pool: Reading The Dark as Children of the Light” by Erin Wyble Newcomb

Parents, if you’re not reading this weekly column from my friend Erin then you are missing out. Here she introduces us to some new children’s lit and reflects on thinking about darkness, fear, and faith. As usual, it’s pretty beautiful stuff.

6. “Hearing God in the Midst of Suicidal Thoughts” by Matthew Wireman

Matt and I were fellow church members in Louisville, he is a dear brother and a godly man. I never knew this side of his story though, and was both shocked and blessed to read about it over at The Gospel Coalition. It will do your soul good to read this, even if you’ve not been where he was.

7. “Book Review: Break Out! by Joel Osteen” by Bob Johnson

This review written by my senior pastor for 9 Marks ministry is well worth your time. Joel Osteen’s gospel is not the gospel of the Bible and here Bob explains the difference with direct quotations from Osteen and commentary on the theology behind them.

8. “Pajama Boy is Everything That’s Wrong With American Manhood! (And Other Misconceptions” by Amy Lepine Peterson

This piece exposes the terrible analysis, misunderstanding, and misapplication of the pajama boy image. Not only does Pajama boy have nothing to do with American masculinity, there is nothing wrong with men who wear pajamas and sit in the floor drinking hot chocolate. Christ and Pop Culture do a great job here of exposing the nonsense behind this misconception.

9. “A Story About Cambodia” by Keo

This is a moving, emotional story from one resident of Cambodia asking the world to acknowledge that they live under the rule and reign of a cruel, malicious, dictator. Read this story and pray for the people and the government of Cambodia.

10. “Fighting Porn by F.A.I.T.H” by Gavin Ortlund

Acronyms are cheesy, awful, and often simplistic explanations to real issues. But the overall content in this article from TGC is still worth your time, especially if you struggle with porn or love those who struggle.

11. “How Christ and Pop Culture Serves the Church” by Alan Noble

Alan Noble explains the goal of CAPC in this piece, it’s a great goal. It also explains why they are often too liberal for Conservatives, and too conservative for Liberals. It also highlights their benefit and usefulness to the church. I love this group of writers and if you read them consistently you will too!

12. “A Letter to the Grandparents of My Third Culture Kids” by Rachel Pieh Jones

This is probably one of my favorite pieces from this week’s collection of articles. It is beautiful, moving, and emotional. It is a seemingly sincere letter of gratitude to the parents of some missionaries who took their children overseas. Grab the tissues, friends.

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