Recovery @ Cornerstone: Programs Don’t Heal People

recoveryRob (not his real name) had been fighting for sobriety for so long that he was willing to do anything to maintain it. He had done 90 meetings in 90 days, he had been through AA, and he had followed all the rules. He was committed to going to meetings for the rest of his life in order to be free from his addiction. The good news was that Rob was not a slave to his drug anymore. The bad news was that he had become a slave to a program. The program was the only thing standing between him and his eventual return to addiction. Rob was a success by many standards, but the truth was that he was also fairly miserable. He didn’t feel like a success. He felt like a slave of a different kind.

Recovery @ Cornerstone wants to avoid that common trap. One of our major distinctives is that programs don’t  heal people. Sin is the worship of creation rather than the Creator. We offer ourselves and become slaves to what we worship. When you give yourself to a program, you enslave yourself to a program. Only Jesus Christ can deliver us from bondage and reconcile us to God. Here at Cornerstone we are not interested in exalting a program. We want to exalt a person, namely Jesus Christ. As much as we believe our program can be helpful, we are not naïve. Our program will not save you or heal you. Only Jesus can do that and our program is ultimately interested in helping you to know Jesus and grow in a relationship with him.

When Rob came to see me he had been in multiple programs, multiple times. He was clean and sober, but not happy. No matter how many years he had been clean he still identified himself as an addict. There was no hope in his voice anymore. He had essentially traded bondage of one kind for bondage of another. I loved working with Rob for a short season and helping him to grow and believe in the power of the gospel for change and progress. As he came to understand where true salvation and the true power for change came from he began to find new life. That is our goal at Recovery @ Cornerstone: to communicate the real power for change.

Our hope is that people will come to our program, but our hope is that they won’t stay there. Our desire is that men and women would come and find the tools, resources, and power of the Spirit of God that they need to change and would get out of the program. Programs don’t heal people, Jesus does, and it’s Jesus that we are aiming to help them meet.

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