Truth-Telling and Addiction

Of all the struggles that addicts have to overcome learning to tell the truth may just be the most difficult.

Reflections on the IBCD Summer Institute 2017

While this conference didn’t necessarily present me with new information I came away with both sober reminders and fresh encouragements.

The Addict in Us: Conclusion

There is no addictive personality…except the one we all possess.

The Addict in Us: Emotional Imbalance

We find much solidarity with our brothers and sisters struggling with addiction when we consider our own emotional imbalance.

The Addict in Us: Power and Control

We are not that different from our addicted brothers and sisters, and how we respond to powerlessness reveals it.

The Addict In Us: Self-Reliance

Self-reliance plagues us all and as such we are all prone to addictions.

The Addict in Us: Grandiosity

Our common self-obsession makes us more like the addict than we realize.

The Addict In Us: Perfectionism

There is an addict in all of us, and our common temptation towards perfectionism evidences it.

The Addict In Us: Impulsivity

We are all addicts at one level, and our impulsive behaviors are reminders of this common temptation.

The Addict In Us: Introduction

While we might not all become full-blown substance abusers, we are nonetheless addicts at heart.