This Week’s Good Read

morning paperHere’s some interesting pieces that I found around the web this week. You may find something here that interests you too. Check it out:

1. “The Present and Future of Biblical Theology” by Andreas Kostenberger

This is a helpful article on the present context of this discipline and what needs to happen in the future of it. I am generally annoyed by those who claim “this is the only way to do Biblical theology,” and Kostenberger points out here the general diversity of approaches that have been taken to the discipline. He notes in particular the lack of clear definition on the subject and the need for future clarification.

2. “The Importance of Your Gag Reflex When Discussing Homosexuality and Gay Marriage” by Thabiti Anyabwile

I was utterly disappointed with this approach to topic. I found it to be one of the worst pastoral discussions of the topic and one of the most unhelpful ways to engage with those with whom we disagree. Thankfully, before I had time to respond Christ and Pop Culture hard already written up a thoughtful and gracious response. And then another came out, and then another. This was definitely a poor decision on the author’s part, and an even worse decision on TGC to allow its publication.

3. “To A Wedding, and Beyond” by Erin Newcomb

Speaking of Christ and Pop Culture this beautiful piece from Newcomb will make you cry…or if you’re a manly man, then you’ll sweat from your eyes.

5. “Russell Moore: From Moral Majority to Prophetic Minority” by Naomi Schaefer Riley

Dr. Moore talks to The Wall Street Journal about some needed changes in the Christian approach to American cultural engagement. I am all for it!

6. “The March on Washington, Racism & Church Diversity with Trillia Newbell” by Kevin D. Hendricks

In anticipation of my interview with Trillia on Monday, here’s an interview she did on her upcoming book.

7. “Five Reasons We Don’t Evangelize” by Michael McKinley

McKinley offers a good reminder and a good warning to Christians today.

8. “Why Disciple in Groups” by Robby Gallaty

Some wonderful words about the potential benefits of doing discipleship in groups. This is why I believe in the importance of Small Group ministry, it provides us with a wonderful context for genuine discipleship.

9. “Will All Be Saved?” by Gerald McDermott

I’ve generally only known McDermott as an Edwards scholar, but here he writes a piece that challenges the assumptions, interpretations, and theological approaches of Universalists.

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