Christ, Culture, and Debate

Tim Keller recently wrote a post that discussed what he sees as a “coming-together” of views on the Christ and Culture dynamic. There has been, in recent theology, two views on this dynamic. The first, is the Transformationalist view which has become popular in recent days as a view towards changing the world along Biblical lines. The second, is the Two Kingdom view which seems harder to nail down. It’s obvious that there is a distinction here in the way that Christians relate to the church and the way they relate to the world. But Keller’s article evidences that there is still popular misunderstanding of this position, for Michael Horton (a proponent of the 2K position) challenged his representation.

This continues to be a fascinating and important discussion. Greg Gilbert and Kevin DeYoung’s book added to the discussion earlier this year, but it has been going on and continues to go on. It’s important for each of us to look to Scripture as we fashion our response and place in the discussion and as important as the discussion is, it is also important that we act. I enjoy these discussions, and I do believe they are important, but don’t get caught up in simply debating. Make sure you act like you believe, according to Scripture, the church should act.

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