Gender and Rhetoric

I am not exactly a Feminist. I firmly believe that women have been undervalued and silenced in the church. I am not sure that it has always been intentional throughout history, but by-in-large the woman’s role in the church has been lost today. And I will add to that the conclusion that complimentarianism seems largely misunderstood and abused among Christians in the home. I think I failed my wife miserably early on in our marriage by clarifying what I think Biblical complimentarianism is. All that being said I confess I do not agree with Scot McKnight’s recent interpretation of Junia in Romans 16:7, namely that she was an apostle. Denny Burk has done a nice job of interacting with McKnight’s interpretation in this post, and I think he hits the nail on the head. Namely his argument is that McKnight dismisses different interpretations and resorts to mere rhetoric. It’s worth reading the whole post and McKnight’s new eBook and see what you think.

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