The Difference Between Gifts and Fruit

A successful ministry is not equivalent to a godly minister.

Ministry as Servanthood, Not Authority

Many of us need to challenge our current popular thinking about church leadership.

Every Church Needs A Research & Development Department

All healthy churches need a research and development department.

Good Pastors Aren’t Threatened By Their Congregations

Pastors who are threatened by their congregations can never lead well because they don’t yet embrace the deep truths of the gospel.

On Being A Teaching Church

It is extremely important for healthy churches to be teaching churches.

Pastors, Your Church Needs Your Weaknesses

There are three particular ways that a pastor’s weaknesses can be helpful to the church

Classism and Contemporary Pastoral Training

We need to break down the class-divide that exists in much of modern church leadership, and we need start at the level of training pastors.

How Do You Keep Going?: The Emotional Struggle of Pastoral Ministry

How do you keep going into the office on Monday mornings when you’ve been hur, broken-hearted, and abandoned in the ministry?

Gender and Rhetoric

Denny Burk reacts to Scot McKnight’s new Egalitarian ebook

A Goal Bigger Than “Church”: A Review of “The Tangible Kingdom” by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay

I may not agree with everything these authors say, but they want to help churches look beyond their kingdoms to God’s Kingdom…and I love that!