What Business is Learning from the Church: A Review of “Brains On Fire” by Phillips, Church, Cordell, and Jones

“Brains on Fire” may be a business book…but the church can learn more about being the church from it.

Beautiful Are The Feet: A Review of “Barefoot Church” by Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker encourages pastors to rethink their church model and see how serving the least can transform their ministry and their lives.

Don Whitney on Discipleship

Donald S. Whitney took time to chat with me about discipleship. Read his insightful and clarifying comments on the simplicity of disicpleship.

Our Discipleship Problem (Part 7)

A good pastor is still necessary for good discipleship!

Our Discipleship Problem (Part 6)

Discipleship only happens when individuals are committed to the spiritual growth of one another!

Our Discipleship Problem (Part 4)

Discipleship is a way of life, not a church program!

Our Discipleship Problem (Part 3)

A Biblical Anthropology will help shape a Biblical Pedagogy

Our Discipleship Problem

For all our weekly attendance, good preaching, and countless Bible studies much of the Christian church today still doesn’t look like a disciple of Jesus.

Theology for the Church: A Shift in Pedagogy

Theological education for the church needs to be communicated not merely in propositions but in stories and applications.

Theology for the Church: A New Focus

The church needs better theological education at the local level…but that requires us to shift our focus from academic knowledge to practical discipleship.