Christmas as Gospel Celebration

Christmas is upon us. Tonight millions of people will celebrate together with their families Christmas Eve, and arise early (or late, depending on your age) tomorrow to exchange and open gifts. Likewise many churches will be playing on the sentimentality of the holiday this week. They will point everyone to the Birth of Jesus, and remind us of the “Reason for the Season.” But what exactly is it about Jesus’ birth that makes it worth celebrating? The answer to this question is the same as it is for every Christian celebration: the Gospel!

You see what many churches, I fear, will miss this weekend is that Christmas is a gospel celebration. It is not a birthday celebration, as if the simple fact that Jesus was born is enough to ensure hope and joy. The fact that he was “born to die,” as the song says, ensures our hope and joy! Christmas, the virgin birth, Jesus’ birthday is a gospel celebration. Tonight at Bigelow we will celebrate this through partaking of the Lord’s Supper. I would invite you all to come out and participate. Make sure your hearts are right with the Lord as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ coming, dying, and rising from the dead to save sinners.

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