Joy to the World: Christmas Worship (Part 2)

Christ is savior, even at Christmas and we worship Him for it.

Joy to the World: The Worship of Christmas (Part 1)

At Christmas we worship the God who gave us Himself

Reflections on Christmas 2016

Ours has been an especially unique Christmas.

Christmas Kitsch and the True Christmas Miracle (Part 2)

This miracle a testimony to Ahaz that God can be trusted, and it is a testimony to you and I that we can trust God with the hurts, regrets, and aches that haunt us too.

Christmas Kitsch and the True Christmas Miracle (Part 1)

Look to God for help, friends, even in the midst of holiday struggles.

Christmas Faith: The Faith of the Wise Men

True Christmas faith is a humbling faith

Christmas Faith: The Faith of the Shepherds

The Christmas faith of the shepherds accepts that God has a personal care for even lowly individuals.

Christmas Faith: The Faith of Joseph

Joseph models well for us what it looks like to trust God in the face of difficulties that we do not understand.

Christmas Faith: The Faith of Mary

Mary models well for us the type of faith that is rooted in the character of the self-revealed God.

Reflections on Christmas 2014

The best Christmas in most recent memory!