Christmas Faith: The Faith of Mary

Mary models well for us the type of faith that is rooted in the character of the self-revealed God.

Reflections on Christmas 2014

The best Christmas in most recent memory!

Christmas is for Ghosts

Christmas is for ghosts, and these ghosts are for our good.

Why A Cynic Like Me Loves Holiday Magic

Here’s a few reasons why I really do believe in Christmas magic.

Singing Carols Softly

It’s okay to grieve at the holidays, “Snow” by Sleeping At Last can help you.

The Virgin Birth Matters: Shaping Christology

The Virgin Birth is necessary for our Christology to be Biblical

The Virgin Birth Matters: The Coming of the Kingdom

The virgin birth anticipates the new kingdom

The Virgin Birth Matters: The Divinity of Jesus

The Virgin Birth matters for reasons far greater than biology

Christmas Greed

Some Christmas Greed is good.

The War on Christmas

The war on Christmas was started by Jesus