Quality Counseling Training Comes to Detroit

I don’t often get the chance to promote quality counseling training programs in our region, but I am excited to announce and share this upcoming opportunity. Faith Biblical Counseling in Lafayette, IN has been doing some of the best, top-notch, counseling training the country for years. Steve Viars, has been involved in Biblical counseling almost since its beginning 40+ years ago. He and his team have, then, lots of insight to offer.

Cornerstone has been taking individuals to Lafayette for years to receive training. We have our own in-house program, that we require counselors to go through, but we do not have the ability to certify counselors. So, we have been visiting Faith to help those interested get the certifications they desire. Usually this means that participants have to take an entire week off of work/life, drive to Indiana, stay in a hotel, and buy multiple meals all week-long. It’s not a cheap or manageable endeavor for many. But Faith is bringing Biblical Counseling training to us this Fall.

Highland Park Baptist Church in Southfield, MI is bringing the Faith Counseling team to their church for three weekends of training. Participants who register for this conference will receive competent training in the basics and foundations of Biblical Counseling as part of their Track 1 program, which meets the qualifications for ACBC Certification. You can click the link here to register for this training.

There are a lot of great Biblical Counseling certifying agencies out there, and this training only partners with ACBC. But even if you choose not to go on to get certification this training will be highly informative and helpful. I recommend that all pastors go through some form of detailed counseling training, but this training is great for all Christians. Whether you plan to be a formal counselor or just a good spiritually minded friend this course is for you! Register today before the price goes up!

The class runs across three weekends: September 14th & 15th; October 12th & 13th; and November 9th & 10th. I highly recommend checking into this program, you won’t regret it!

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