The Danger of Secret Temptations

Temptations that remain secret have more power over you than you may realize.

What is Keeping You From Being Patient?

Before you critique a counselee evaluate your own motives.

On Cultivating an Appetite for Sin

When we don’t repent, sin will lead to more sin and eventually take us to places we never thought we’d go.

Biblical Counseling Must Address Actual Sins

Actual sins must be addressed as part of a holistic plan of counseling against sin.

Original Sin and Counseling

Doctrine matters for counseling, and this doctrine in particular matters for addressing problems.

Quality Counseling Training Comes to Detroit

Great counseling training come to the Detroit area.

Benefit Finding vs Redemptive Suffering

A theology of redemptive suffering provides a more robust framework for enduring trials than does a psychology of benefit finding.

Signs & Wonders and Counseling Outcomes

Biblical counselors must help their counselees have realistic expectations regarding outcomes.

The Impact of Trauma on Time, Body, and Word (Part 1)

Trauma impacts a person’s sense of time, experience of the body, and ability to communicate

An Introduction to CBC Helps Classes

Helps Classes represent a focused effort to provide Biblical Counseling to more people through group counseling.