On God’s Natural and Strange Work

The concept of God’s natural work and strange work can be used to help those who are struggling with the assurance of God’s love.

What NOT To Do When You Discover Abuse

Here are four common things the church should NOT do when we discover abuse in Christian homes.

The Bible’s Big Picture on Anxiety

Anxiety is not always sin, according to Scripture.

What Forgiveness Is (Part 3)

Forgiveness that is from the heart is about an intentional decisions not to bring up past offenses to those who wrong us, to other people, and most especially to ourselves.

What Forgiveness Is (Part 2)

“If he repents…” Those three words make a huge difference to our understanding of the horizontal dimension of forgiveness. The first word makes it a conditional clause. The second word puts the onus on the offending party. The third word spells out the terms of the condition: repentance, a turning away from sin. These three […]

What Forgiveness Is

The church often has a shallow understanding of forgiveness. In my previous post in this mini-series, I explored some common myths about forgiveness, and exposed what forgiveness is NOT. Yet, it is important to clarify more fully what forgiveness actually is. Namely, we need to understand that forgiveness has two dimensions to it. Biblical forgiveness […]

What Forgiveness Isn’t

Forgiveness is such a difficult concept to grasp and to practice. On the one hand, as selfish people, we tend to believe our rights trump all others, and when offended we want payment not repentance. Christians too, however, struggle with the appropriate practice of forgiveness, for we tend to use the language of forgiveness to […]

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 2): Right Trigger

Am I Angry About the Right Things?

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 1)

An introduction to the important discipline of evaluating our anger.

Don’t Settle For Simple Explanations

Simple explanations will rob us of the wealth of resources that can help us with our problems.