On Experiential Avoidance: Practical Issues in Treatment

Helping people learn to be aware, reflect, and confront their inner experiences is a means to helping them develop godly responses to their feelings.

On Experiential Avoidance: Conceptual Issues in Treatment

There are two initial conceptual issues that must be addressed in helping people with experiential avoidance.

External Influence and Internal Interpretation

Interpretation is key to responding godly in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Stewarding Our Emotional Energy

Earlier this year we had a pretty terrible wind storm around the metro. It caused no small amount of damage in some areas. A giant pine tree on our church property was uprooted. It caused the largest power outage in Detroit history. Wind can cause some terrible damage, but if strong winds can be harnessed […]

On the “Unforgivable Sin”

Our struggle with this concept may be alleviated if we will take the time to read the relevant text carefully and in context.

Crafting Effective Homework: The Purpose

Crafting effective homework means having a clear purpose!

Crafting Effective Homework: The Rationale (Part 2)

Last week I explored several key reasons that Biblical Counselors give homework. I focused particularly on the benefits it provides to counselors as they seek to be the most help that they can be to their counselees. But homework very obviously helps counseless too, and turning our attention now to the benefits to them will […]

Crafting Effective Homework: The Rationale (Part 1)

Counselors should give homework as much for their own sake as for those they seek to help

Responding to the Narcissistic Prayer Life

Correction of the narcissistic prayer life will mean speaking directly to three kinds of misuses.

Strategic Issues in Counseling: Consider the Personality of Your Counselee

Personality matters and effective counselors will seek to understand the unique personality of those they counsel.