This Week’s Good Reads

I haven’t done a “Good Reads” post for a long while, but I did read some significant articles this week. So, here were some of them:

1. “Sessions says the Bible justifies separating immigrant families” by Kyle Swenson

I have found this policy of separating children and parents absolutely reprehensible, and the use of Scripture in justifying it is even more disgusting. Here is an article from the Washington Post articulating just how frequently this verse is cited to justify reprehensible behavior.

2. “Better Late, is Still Late: Advocating for Victims of Sexual Abuse” by J.D. Greear

This is a great piece that demonstrates the kind of humility public leaders must have. While we can appreciate many of the responses that have arisen to the recent awareness of sexual violence within the church, the idea that we are now doing something about it is really deaf and blind to the long-standing ignorance pain that the church has caused Christian women. Greear offers a more modest approach to our recent awakening.

3. “Sexual Abuse in Marriage” by Darby Strickland

This is a very important counseling article that delineates the reality of sexual abuse within the covenant of marriage. The piece, from a CCEF Counselor, is broken down into three posts. The first two have been published already, with the third due next week. Part One explores the definitions of abuse in marriage, examining specific forms it may take. Part two explores the reasons why victims may not recognize that abuse is happening. Both posts are worthy of your time.

4. “Anthony Bourdain and Reckoning with Depression” by Mike Cosper

When I found that Bourdain had hung himself I was crushed. I obviously didn’t know the guy personally, but as a story-teller he had an impeccable way of drawing me in. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes and will miss his the gift of his unique voice. Here Mike Cosper helps readers wrestle with the reality of his loss and with the horrors of depression that lead some to suicide.

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