This Week’s Good Reads

Some interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Post-Christian America: Gullible, Intolerant, and Superstitious” by David French

A good reminder that deep down we are all religious, and all searching for meaning. When you attempt to find that apart from God it leads you to really strange places.

2. “3 Wrong Ways to View the City” by Tim Keller

Keller highlights three flawed attitudes towards the city: romanticism, disdain, and indifference. Each fails to take in the whole Biblical picture of cities. Instead, he says, we need to be honest, loving, and appreciative. Whether you live in the city or not this is a good work to read, and its especially good for those who live/work in Detroit and around the metro.

3. “Most People Addicted to Opioids Receive No Treatment” by The Economist

We have a terrible view of treatment in this country. On the one hand we make opioids like Oxycodone and Percocet readily available, and with relative ease, but we require doctors to jump through massive hoops to prescribe opioid blockers like Methadone. On the other hand, however, we believe the best treatment for opioid addiction is to get addicted individuals hooked on a “less dangerous” opioid, which is what Methadone is. The entire situation just proves how serious this issue is.

4. “After Life on the Street, Former Cop Helps Humanize the Homeless for D.C. Recruits” by Joshua Eaton

Homeless advocacy has got to be a tough job. Our attitude in much of American culture is “it’s your fault, so why should I have to help.” Here’s a great story, however, of a former police officer who was himself homeless and who now uses his story to advocate for other homeless individuals. His goal is to help new recruits in the Metropolitan Police Department to understand that the homeless are people, just like them. An important word for all of us.

5. “6 Arguments All Married Couples Have” by Michael Fulwiler

The Gottman Institute has put together a great little blog on the common problems in marriage and the goals of resolution for each. Well worth a read, married friends.

6. “Why the Need for Hospitality is Greater than Ever” by Timothy Massaro

I have been increasingly challenged with the responsibility of hospitality. This was a simple, but good reminder of its great significance both in the Christian faith and in the world. We need more hospitality, I need to be more hospitable. This line in particular was convicting:

Our lifestyle choices have made it more difficult to live in a community. We need to come to grips with our lifestyle choices and how they help create this poverty. Has chasing this dream altered our vision of Christian duty and responsibility to those around us? How should our lifestyle choices orient us to a biblical understanding of Christian love in our modern world?

I am not sure that this particular article gives an adequate explanation of its title, but it’s still a good piece to reflect on.

7. “You’re Not Yourself When You’re Sleepy” by Science Daily

There is an increasing body of literature that is demonstrating a strong connection between sleep deprivation and depression. This article documents some interesting research that shows those with sleep deprivation are actually less able to think positively. Loss or lack of sleep actually affects our cognitive abilities and, prolonged forms of it can certainly contribute to an experience of depression.

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