Next Week

Check back at Pastor Dave Online next week, and see these posts and more:

1. A Review of “Rewriting Your Broken Story” by Kenneth Boa

The book’s content wasn’t bad, but it was simplistic and redundant.

2. The Spiritual Gifts: Experiencing the Spirit (Part 3)

Next week we will begin to unpack each of the three perspectives that make up a sound Biblical theology of the doctrine of the Baptism of the Spirit. First, we must explore the Situational Perspective, or the Eschatological emphasis.

3. Worship as Confession with Conviction

Worship is a profession of faith that comes with passion and often cements our beliefs deeper in our hearts. Next week I’ll unpack this in more detail.

4. Nostalgic Indulgence: Punk Rock Church

I have been so immensely shocked and blessed by the response to this series. Next week I will continue the posts with a look at my early college years and the idea of Punk Rock Church. With all its flaws there were some themes of this idea that are still valuable to me, and still should be.

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