Monthly Love: June

Here’s what I loved in June of 2017:

1. Brunch

Krista and I celebrated our anniversary this month by getting brunch at one of our favorite places: Toast. Toast is a great little place in Birmingham and they do brunch well.

2. The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson

This was a comprehensive and engaging read on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Ferguson is an excellent theologian who shows the diversity of his skill well. He can wrestle well with Hebrew exegesis or engage with contemporary systematicians. Such acumen lends itself well to writing a fantastic monograph on a singular doctrine.

3. Wonder Woman

This was such a fun film. Gal Gadot played the role of Wonder Woman with exceptional skill. She handled the combat, bravery, idealism and the naiveté of the character well. While I thought the conclusion of the film (especially the climactic battle sequence) lacked some, overall I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It could be THE film to rescue the D.C. Extended Universe. I’d give it an 8 out of 10 score.

4. San Diego

I had to travel to “America’s Finest” for work last month and found that this city is truly beautiful. The weather was perfect every day. I enjoyed some delicious food with great views and found the whole city to be appealing, comfortable, and inviting. It was by far more enjoyable than Los Angeles!

5. The Fish Market

This was one of the great joints we ate at while in CA. The waterfront restaurant is apparently a premier hub for fresh seafood. I had some of the best swordfish tacos I’ve ever eaten! Service was good, view was beautiful, and food was delicious. What more could you ask for?

6. La Jolla Beach

My first time to this spot made a lasting impression. La Jolla in general was beautiful. My colleague and I arrived in town while it was still asleep and made our way through the city to note the shops and restaurants. We enjoyed the scenic views undisturbed by others, and, my favorite, we drank our coffee on the shore with the seals and the sea lions only feet from us. An amazing experience!

7. Cody’s

This was the other restaurant in San Diego that I enjoyed. The small little joint had a simple menu, but they have perfected the dishes on it, and the porch where we sat had a great view of the shoreline. Apparently they are respected for their brunch, but I had the mahi-mahi, which was perfectly done. The place is unassuming in many ways, but the steady stream of customers evidenced the love locals have for this place. Totally worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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