This Week’s Good Reads

Here’s this week’s good reads, gathered from around the web:

1. “Five Ways to Help Children Fight Fear” by Leslie Schmucker

A great little guide to helping kids to identify their fears, understand them, and take them to the Lord.

2. “Education for the Common Good” by Aaron Cline Hanbury

The editorial Director at Relevant Magazine sat down with Gregory Alan Thornbury to talk about higher education goals. This is a fascinating conversation and one that focuses on the betterment of society through personal education. As a former Humanities professor I love hearing him boast the importance of the Liberal Arts.

3. “Walking with Your Child Through an Eating Disorder” by Kristen Hatton

A sweet story, as told by a mom, on her experience of learning about her daughter’s eating disorder and helping her through it. The focus is primarily on God’s presence and goodness in the midst of the difficulty.

4. “Do Not Be Anxious to be Modern in Theology” by Derek Rishmawy

A fantastic meditation on the temptation to disregard old traditions and old formulations of doctrine. Derek reflects on the anxiety many theologians and philosophers feel about the present manifestations of evil and suffering, and notes that these manifestations aren’t all that different from the previous ages, and therefore the previous answers are still relevant. A great read for theological nerds everywhere.

5. “5 Mistakes to Avoid in Counseling the Sexually Abused” by Diane Langberg

A great read from an experienced trauma counselor. Dr. Langberg gives counselors some important starting principles to work from as they help those who have been abused in this way. An important read for all pastors and counselors.

6. “9 Things You Should Know About the Health Effects of Marijuana” by Joe Carter

It seems that everyone is talking about and advocating for new policies on Marijuana use in America. In truth, however, our understanding of Marijuana’s long-term effects on users is very, very limited. We should be much slower to advocate for that which we do not yet understand. In this article from TGC Carter discusses some of the limits and some of the more disconcerting results of Marijuana use.

7. “I Let Both of My Kids Fake Illness and I Don’t Regret It” by Krista Dunham

My wife is a great mom and a great writer. In this piece she reflects on how she was reminded of the attention needs that all kids have and the importance of listening to their unspoken concerns and desires. I am totally biased, of course, but this is a beautiful reflection.

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