Next Week

Be sure to check back next week for these posts and more:

1.  A Review of How Does Sanctification Work? By David Powlison

This new book from Biblical Counselor David Powlison is fantastic! It works against some of the simplistic explanations of change, and invites readers to understand the diverse ways that God works to change us. This short read is an important work for counselors, disciple-makers, and Christians in general.

2. Theology and Beauty: Beauty and the World (Part 1) – The Natural World

In this next phase a theology of beauty, we turn to consider how beauty impacts our world. We will consider, then, next week, how beauty reshapes our value of the natural world. It moves us from a utilitarian relationship to a relationship of appreciation.

3. Studies in Galatians: 4:12-20

Continuing our study of Galatians, next week we will unpack Paul’s earnest plea to the Galatians.

4. What’s The Culture of Your Home: Humility and Grace

In talking about parenting we can tend to focus on the details of raising kids: techniques, principles, and guidelines. But these details fit within a larger context and culture of our home that shape the way those details are experienced and interpreted. We need to always consider, then, the broader culture of our home environment and how that shapes our kids and our parenting.

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  1. Looking forward to #4. Shepherding the home is a difficult balance. Not too sure how well I’ve done on that, but “you’re never too old to learn.”

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