Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you can expect next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A Review of Borderline Personality by Cathy Wiseman

A helpful little booklet that introduces readers to the subject and some of the important value that Scripture can play in bringing hope and help to those who suffer. Wiseman writes from both experience in helping individuals BPD and with special insight into Biblical Counseling.

2) Bridge Builders: Russell Moore

As my first example in bridge building I will look at Russell Moore who is making every effort to defend religious liberty for all. Though he has strong convictions of Evangelical Christianity he has sought to graciously defend, love our Muslim neighbors.

3) Studies in Galatians: 1:1-9

The first nine verses of Galatians set the tone of the book by defending the unique nature of the one true gospel. Next week we will unpack these verses.

4) Consider the Development of Your Counselee

Continuing this short series of strategic issues in counseling we will explore the role and importance of a counselee’s cognitive development and how that plays a part in their reception of counsel. We will consider how we ought to approach varied developmental stages and how we can uniquely tailor counsel to those with special challenges.

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