Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more, next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of Marriage Matters by Winston Smith

This is easily one of the best books on marriage I have ever read. Dr. Smith gives great counsel, with both Biblical foundations and practical applications. He guides couples through understanding marriage God’s way and living it out in the ordinary moments of life.

2. Studies in Daniel: Concluding Thoughts

Having spent several months now studying the book of Daniel I want to wrap up my blogs on it with some concluding thoughts about the themes of the book and their relevance to our lives today.

3. Gifts vs Fruit

A recent conversation with one of my colleagues has left me chewing on the distinction between these two realities. God may bless people with giftedness in ministries, and yet the presence of this giftedness is not the same as spiritual fruit of godliness in their life. Sadly, some gifted people may be living far from godliness. Being able to distinguish this difference is very important both for ourselves and those we serve alongside.

4. Addiction and Emotions: Anxiety

Our exploration of the relationship between addiction and various emotions will continue next week with a look at anxiety and addiction.

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