Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you can expect next week:

1. A Review of Good & Angry by David Powlison

Powlison is one of the leading voices in the Biblical Counseling movement, and this new book on anger is just phenomenal. It’s going to be the textbook for our next counseling lab class coming up in January. So check back to find out why I’ve chosen it.

2. Studies in Daniel: Chapter 11

Chapter 11 discusses the rise and fall of the kings of Persia. Next week we’ll see what this has to do with us.

3. Morality and Worry

Sometimes worry arises because of our own unaddressed guilt, shame, and sin. Next week I’ll explore that relationship in more detail and highlight what we can do to address this type of worry.

4. Addiction and Emotions: Introduction

Abusing drugs and alcohol is both loaded with emotions and, over time, impacts our emotions. In this short series we’re going to explore some of those dynamics.

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