This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a collection of interesting articles from around the web. Here is this week’s list, check it out:

1. “Anger, Part 1: Are You Angry?” by Denise Hardy

My dear friend and colleague has started a new series on anger over at her blog. In this post she presents a few heart-probing questions to help readers gauge their own level of anger.

2. “What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means for You?” by Russell Moore

Dr. Moore has written a good piece here challenging us to hold tightly to Biblical and biological sex distinctions. His words on thinking rightly about gender include, however, a note not to fall prey to hyper-conservative tropes about masculinity and femininity. I loved these words:

If you don’t have a category for a rough-and-tumble woman, like Jael, or a harp-playing man, like David, your church is handing over your children to the gender ideologies of the moment.

3. “Why Grief is Evidence for God” by Sharon Dirckx

This is a simple and yet good apologetic for God grounded in the human experience and expression of grief. The author’s three truths about grief are well articulated and worthy of your time.

4. “The Way of Burnout” by Nancy Wilson

Written largely for moms, this piece focuses on the ways we become overwhelmed with our responsibilities and indeed with life. Wilson offers some helpful suggestions for not becoming over-burdened, and guidance on what to do if we already are. A great word for moms, but applicable to so many of us broadly.

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