Next Week

morning-paper2Don’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of Theology as Discipleship by Keith Johnson

A really terrific book attempting to demonstrate how the practice of theology is part of what it means to follow Jesus. Johnson does a wonderful job of demonstrating how the academic theologian needs the local church and how the local church needs the academic.

2. Peter Was Always Meant to Sink

A new look at the story of Peter walking on the water that directs our attention to the person of Jesus Christ and away from Peter’s potential.

3.  The Addict in Us: Grandiosity

Continuing our series of posts on the relationship between all of us and those who struggle with substance abuse addictions. Next week we will consider the characteristic of grandiosity.

4. Studies in Titus: The Elder and the Word (1:9)

Having established the grounds of familial relationship and Biblical character, Paul now turns to consider a potential elder’s relationship to the Word of God.

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