This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here’s this week’s collection of interesting articles compiled from around the web. It’s a short list, but check it out:

1. “Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse, American College of Pediatricians Rules” by Carly Hoilman

This quick brief reports on the ACP’s statement on Transgederism, which lists eight statements of “fact not ideology” that support their claim. This is an important statement even if it we can presume it will go unheeded.

2. “A Clean House Is a Wasted Life” by Tim Challies

A great reminder that genuine biblical productivity requires some mess. Perfect order and cleanliness is not possible in this world as we strive to love and serve others.

3. “In Community Group with David Foster Wallace” by Michael Morgan

DFW is a fascinating person. So profound and yet so hopeless. In this piece from TGC Morgan references Wallace’s Infinite Jest and speaks of how it depicts a vision of community that ought to belong to the church. The church ought to be  a place of such self-aware brokenness that all people can feel safe to come and share their struggles, and receive welcome and help. That’s my vision too and the reason I am writing on recovery culture churches this year. This is a good, beautiful picture of community.


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