Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these posts and more:

1. A Review of A Theology of Biblical Counseling by Heath Lambert

This is a great book, written to demonstrate the validity of Biblical Counseling, by highlighting the practicality of its theological foundations. Certainly a book we will be using in our training program here at CBC in the future.

2. What Biblical Counseling is NOT:Sin-Obsessed 

The final accusation I want to consider in this series deals with the claim that Biblical Counseling only concerns itself with sin and fails to address the hurts and sorrows of people. This would be a horrible failure in counseling if it were true, but, as with the other accusations, it doesn’t hold up. Next week I’ll explain in more detail.

3. The Addict In Us: Introduction

Next week I’ll begin a new series exploring the ways in which we can all relate to the struggles of addiction. We will explore some of the mentalities, attitudes, and characteristics common to addicts that are actually more broadly common to us all.

4. Studies in Titus: An Elder and His Kids (1:6)

We will look, next week, at the second part of an elder’s relationship to his family, exploring how he relates to his children.

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