Next Week

nextweekHere’s what I plan to write on next week:

A Review of Living without Worry by Tim Lane

This is a good, if simple, examination of worry from a theological perspective. Lane focuses on what Scripture says about worry and the ways in which we can fight against it. While the book is not simplistic, counselors will want more than just this short volume to help them think through the process of helping others.

What Biblical Counseling is NOT: Anti-Medicine

As the first in this new series, I am attempting to defend Biblical Counseling against its many attackers. I will begin by pointing out that Biblical Counseling is not anti-medicine, nor anti-science.

A Biblical Theology of Judgment and Mercy: The End

Next week I will wrap up this series by examining the return of Christ and the interrelationship between judgment and mercy found in the eschaton.

Studies in Titus: 1:1-4

This new series will examine the book of Titus and seek to give us some more detailed exploration of the books themes and content.

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