Monthly Love: March

Hello-March-1Here are some of the things I loved in the month of March:

1. Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord? by L. Michael Morales

This was an amazing work of Biblical theology. I was so impressed with the depth and detail of the work, and the ways in which the author made amazing connections across the whole cannon. In many ways the work helped me see the Pentateuch in fresh perspective, not just Leviticus. I think out of all the many volumes in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, this one is my favorite.

2. Disney’s Zootopia

This was a sweet film. More than just a kids movie it broaches the topics of bigotry, systemic racism, and subtle prejudice in a way that is funny, thoughtful, and compelling. Wonderful job by Pixar.

3. “It is Well” by Kristene DiMarco

I stumbled upon this song in March and it has been on repeat for a while. I am hoping we will get to introduce to the church at our upcoming Marriage conference. The chorus is a powerful reminder of the trustworthiness of God: Let go, my soul, and trust in Him. The waves and wind still know His name.

4. Floral ties

Krista got me a beautiful floral pink skinny tie last month and I adore it. One of the most beautiful ties I own.

5. The Episode “Hope” in Black-ish

In looking for something to watch one night we turned on an episode of this funny ABC show and were struck by the manner in which they dealt with the issue of systemic injustice and explaining such injustice to children. It was a moving episode and made me grieve for my African-American friends and neighbors.

6. Brian Hedges

I have known Brian for 9 or 10 years, but it wasn’t until this month that we met face to face. Brian is a godly man, a great author, and a wise friend. He has been a good resource to me on many issues, we have found his books very helpful in both counseling and discipleship at Cornerstone, and I am grateful to know him.

7. MOD Pizza

It’s a hipster/trendy artisan pizzeria in Rochester, but it was really good. Fresh, unique, and big, I am certain I will hit this place up again when I am out that way.

8. Daredevil, Season 2

Marvel Comics are my favorite. Marvel Comics turned into amazing Netflix original television programs? A favorite for March. The inclusion of the Punisher character was great. The storyline has been interesting so far, and reminds me often of Frank Millers The Man without Fear.

9. Snarky Puppy

This is a fascinating experimental fusion band based out of Brooklyn. I have been memorized by their performances this month. They are technically proficient, musically diverse, and performatively engaging. I especially love this one: Lingus

10. Visits from friends

The holidays away from family are always difficult, so this Easter when some very dear friends (who are like family) surprised us by announcing that they were going to come spend the holiday with us we were so overjoyed. I loved having the Dixons here, even if the visit was way too short. Special people make all the difference in our lives and celebrations. So thankful to God for these folks and our time together.

11. Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Ed Welch

This was a great book on the subject of addiction counseling. It takes seriously the spiritual side of addictions and gives readers some great assistance in working through these issues for themselves or for those they are seeking to help. Welch is an experienced counselor, a trained neuropsycholgist, a seasoned professor, and an accessible writer. I highly commend this work for those involved in counseling or recovery-type ministries.

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