Monthly Love: February

FebHere are some of my favorite things from the month of February:

1. Biblical Counseling and the Church by Bob Kellemen and Kevin Carson

This was an amazing book with great insight and practical help for integrating Biblical counseling into the normative discipleship of the church. Written by great teachers and practitioners. I cannot commend this book enough.

2. “Sing Hallelujah” by New Life Worship

I stumbled on to this song randomly but have so enjoyed it. It’s a slow, reflective piece, that highlights the joy of praising God.

3. Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

This is the best Mexican food that Krista and I have found in all of the Detroit Metro! Thanks to Diana for taking us here. It was authentic with good-sized portions. We really loved our food and will plan to go back here again.

4. Paczki

I had never even heard of these before I moved to Michigan, but every Fat Tuesday I have enjoyed one (thanks Terri). Filled with chocolate, custard, or fruit they all taste amazing, despite being incredibly unhealthy!

5. White Fish Pâté from Blue Bay Fish and Seafood Market

While eating dinner with some friends they served this wonderful dish. I was blown away by how amazing this fish was and probably could have made a whole meal out of it!

6. “Be Still My Soul” by Page CXVI

This is an awesome version of this old hymn. I am a sucker for neo-hymnody stuff and Page CXVI does some of the best work out there.

7. Counseling Department Dinners

Our counseling team at CBC is so great. This month we got to all have dinner together. The food was excellent, but so was the conversation, laughter, and sharing. I am so grateful for the handful of folks who are bonding together to serve our church and community. I am grateful for all that they are teaching me and all that they are doing. I am thankful to God for their friendship and help. The dinner was just one way to enjoy it.

8. Lego Dimensions

For my son’s birthday this month he got this new video game. It has turned out to be an incredibly creative game, with complex puzzles to solve within the game and unique features to its gameplay. He and I have enjoyed bonding over the wild and crazy adventures of it.

9. “How Deep” by King’s Kaleidoscope 

Another old hymn updated, this one with some real indie rock sounds. King’s Kaliedoscope is one of my favorite worship bands and this song reflects what makes them so dynamic.

10. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear by Frank Miller

This old school comic was so much fun to read. As an origin story it does all it’s supposed to, but Miller humanizes Daredevil in some great ways in this story.

11. The Series Finale of Gravity Falls

Our family fell in love with this series and we are sad to see it come to an end. Its two seasons of hilarious antics and witty writing were a joy for even Krista and I. The conclusion was sweet and fun and though we will miss it Alex Hirsch did a great job.

12. Astro Coffee

Wow! Thanks to Jeff for taking me here to talk theology. I had an amazing cup of coffee at what is clearly a trendy and yet substantial coffee shop. Despite its small size I had a great experience here and can’t wait to go back!

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