This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here are some interesting articles I’ve compiled from around the web.

1. “The 8-Point Social-Media Apostasy of Alan Jacobs” by Justin Taylor

Recently, English lit scholar Alan Jacobs decided to scale back his use of technology. Here Justin Taylor shares the 8 points that are governing Jacobs’ plan. I appreciate Jacobs desire and plan, and I appreciate Taylor’s commentary on it as well. I am not quite as passionate as Jacobs about the move, but I can appreciate its value. Here are Jacobs’ own words on the subject in The Atlantic.

2. “How to Combat Domestic Violence in the Church” by Mark Spansel

Spansel gives some very helpful and concise points on the issue of domestic violence. He guides us into 4 common mistakes in abuse counseling, and 6 things the church must do in response. I appreciate these kinds of summaries and guides so much, as abuse is one of the most poorly treated sins in the church.

3. “Four Things That Could Be Hurting Your Marriage This Year” by Tim Lane

Interestingly, Lane, borrowing from researcher John Gottman, has found that friendship is one of the most vital issues in a healthy marriage. Here, he lists four “horsemen of the apocalypse” that could be hurting our marriages. This is a great list and a good reminder for old and new marriages.

4. “Is Gun Control a Christian Issue” by Russell Moore

A thoughtful piece from Moore on both why the issue of gun control divides America, and how it has common roots in the breakdown of community environments. He poses that into such communities the church can step.

5. “Women These Are Not Gospel Issues: Infant Issues” by Denise Hardy

This series from my friend and colleague Denise Hardy is excellent. As both a Biblical Counselor and our Women’s Ministry Director at CBC, Denise has a desire to see our women not only grow in godliness but grow together. We are too often divided over things that are not essential, so here Denise helps us think through how we can more graciously navigate these divisive issues.

6. “One of the Country’s Poorest Cities is Suddenly Becoming a Food Mecca” by Mark Guarino

A fascinating look at the budding foodie scene in Detroit. The article features actual restaurants from our own backyard, and highlights some of the unique and creative features of these places. I am super geeked about this!

7. “Does God Ever Send Adversity?” by Andrew Wilson

This is a great piece that takes four arguments to dismantle the claim that Jesus does not send adversity. The Scriptural truth is that God may send trials into our lives and that His great love is demonstrated for us through those trials. Wilson does excellent theological work here.

8. “How to Promote Intergenerational Worship Among Women” by Leeann Stiles

A great piece describing how one church accomplished this noble and biblical goal.

9. “Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories” by Colleen Gillard

The author of this piece in the Atlantic is on to something with her comparison of British and American children’s lit. I disagree that it is rooted fundamentally in Christian faith. There are Christians who are strongly anti-imagination, but that is not an aspect of our faith per se. Still, this is an interesting comparative work.

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