Biblical Counseling Seminar on Pornography Addictions

biblical-counseling-bannerThe two most frequent subjects that come up in counseling sessions are anxiety and pornography. I see people with a lot of different problems, but these two remain the most common. As part of our advanced seminars in Biblical Counseling we are going to be addressing these two issues this year. Our first seminar, open to everyone, will tackle the subject of pornography addiction and seek to provide both a big picture approach to the subject, and specific tools for helping people overcome this life-dominating struggle.

Pornography is an epidemic. It has become not just a major addiction in the world, but in the church too. We must be prepared to address it head on as a church and as counselors. Our seminar will seek to provide a big-picture understanding of porn addiction (what it is, how it can develop, what are the results of it), as well as providing counselors with specific tools to help people overcome this struggle. Counselors need to understand not just the nature of addiction, but the means by which we can help people address it, fight it, and overcome it. We will explore some of the proposed methods, their weaknesses and strengths, and we will examine some of the Scriptural truths that can help us strategize about solutions to the problem. A helpful case study will round out our discussion providing us a good opportunity to apply what we learn.

One of the other unique features of this workshop will be our discussion of women and pornography. Denise Hardy will be discussing the importance of understanding porn as a female problem too, and some of the resources that counselors can utilize in helping women who are in bondage to this addiction. This is an important and much-needed contribution to our discussion, as women almost always get overlooked in discussions about this problem. So, in this regard, both men and women interested in counseling should plan to join us for the event.

Mark your calendars for February 27th, from 9 to noon. All are welcome to come and join the conversation and learn about counseling through this specific focused seminar.

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