This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here are some of the interesting articles I found from around the web:

1. “Scripture and the Task of Theology (Part 1)” by Keith Whitfield

Abstracted from his chapter in Theology for the Church, Whitfield explores how the Bible anticipates and guides the task of theology.

2. “Ending Abortion Through Hospitality” by Anthony Bradley

This is a great piece in which Bradley suggests opening our homes and hearts to those in need might be a better and more successful way to end abortion. He uses the historical case of the early church as an example.

3. “How to Stop Sexualizing Everything” by Denise McAllister

The author argues that the loss of phileo, or friendship love, has led to the sexualization of everything in our culture. In fact, she argues that the loss of philoe may be one of the reasons why we are seeing an increase in homosexual identification. That is to say, the loss of affectionate friendship confuses young people and leads them to believe they must be gay if they feel that way.  She might be right. I love my friends and can relate very much to her introductory expressions of affection and desire. I know that we need these kinds of relationships more and more in our culture and I found this whole article interesting.

4. “Boston College Prof: 6 Books I Would Assign to Save Western Civilization” by Daniel Lattier

An interesting look at one Boston Prof considers essential reading for Western Civilization. This is an annotated list from Peter Kreeft explaining what each book can contribute to our society as a whole.

5. “5 Misconceptions About the Pastor’s Wife” by Lauren Chandler

This is a great list and I know many wives feel the pressure to believe and live these misconceptions, but Chandler (a pastor’s wife herself) explains why these are not Biblical expectations and how they can harm and overburden a pastor’s wife.

6. “The Case for Inside Out” by Kenny Miles

Kenny makes a very compelling argument for the Pixar Film to be nominated for Best Picture, even perhaps awarded that prize! I loved Inside Out for all the reasons that Kenny lists here, and more, and agree that it deserves the Oscar award.

7. “Is Evangelical Monasticism an Option?” by Kenneth Stewart

This is a question that I have been chewing on for several years now. Is there any possibility for an Evangelical monasticism? Stewart reviews two academic apologias of monasticism by a Protestant scholar in this article. His review reveals that there is a mixed foundation upon which monasticism stands, and therefore as such does not provide good footing for an Evangelical option. But that still leaves some question about an adaptation of monasticism, that’s a question that will continue to interest me I am sure.

8. “T.S. Eliot: Things That Can Just Barely Be Said” by Fred Sanders

A beautiful reflection on the power and importance of poetry, but particularly the superb excellence and difficulty of T.S. Eliot. I loved this piece and hope it will encourage many others to read the poet himself.

9. “Nine Questions to Help You Steward All Of Your Life for God’s Glory” by Brad Hambrick

This is a great tool, one that Hambrick includes in many of his workbooks.

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