Lapses in Judgment and An Apology

frustrated_man2Lapses in judgment are no small thing. I know this because I have experienced a number of them over the course of my life. Just recently a lapse in judgment was brought to my attention. It’s a lapse that I want to take seriously and one that I want to clarify. More importantly, it is one for which I would like to ask the forgiveness of my blog readers.

In December I shared a list of the best albums of the 2015. On that list were two albums which contain objectionable content. This was a stupid decision on my part. I do not listen to these albums regularly nor do I endorse their content. I did listen to them once the whole way through, and they interested me as intriguing cultural artifacts that communicate something about the world in which we live. I do not own these albums, nor would I recommend others buy them, but this was not made clear in the original post. I should have been far more careful, clear, and thoughtful in my highlighting them on the blog.

This was a complete lapse of judgment on my part, and lapses are no small thing. I am grateful to the individual who brought this to my attention. I was thoughtless in this original post (which has now been removed) and would like to ask for the forgiveness of my readers.

With much love and regret,

Dave Dunham

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  1. As a fellow music lover, yet first a follower of Christ, I very much appreciate the clarification. Thank you.

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