This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here are some of my favorite articles from around the web this week:

1. “The Science of Choice in Addiction” by Sally Satel

Though this is an old piece it’s still a good one. Satel interacts with Carl Hart’s book High Price, which is on my list to read this year. She explains the importance of treating addicts as those who make choices and how such responsibility can actually aid those who are struggling to get clean.

2. “A Complimentarian Manifesto Against Domestic Abuse” by Jason Meyer

“If we set our sights on avoiding abuse, we’re setting the bar far too low. Complementarians ought to be the most outspoken people against abuse.” This is so true and so important. I am increasingly convinced that Complimentarians need to be more careful and more biblical in the understanding, explanation, and practice of male-headship in the home. There is a lot of corruption within the movement and within the church that needs to be addressed. I am grateful to Meyer, the new pastor of preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, for writing this.

3. “Blessed to Death” by Jim LePage

This is a beautiful and thoughtful art series by LePage. He takes on the American distorted view of “blessed.” He suggests, instead, that the Biblical picture, the one found in the Beatitudes, sees the “downtrodden, those who are in mourning, those who are meek, merciful and bring peace to troubled situations” as those blessed by God. The art is compelling, and the meaning behind it even more compelling.

4. “Godliness is Not Heterosexuality” by Ed Shaw

This is an excerpt from Shaw’s new book Same Sex Attraction and the Church, which is an amazing book! Here Shaw takes the church to task on its unbalanced focus on heterosexuality. This is not the same as godliness, and Shaw does a great job of exposing this wrong thinking.

5. “Counseling Tools: Addiction” by Steven Wade

Despite being a broad article and lacking detail, this is still a good piece. It gives some important reminders to pastors and counselors when it comes to helping addicts.

6. “Great News: Maybe You Never Have to Grow Out of Liking the Power Rangers” by Joshua Rivera

So, apparently there’s an old school Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic book being written. The series will center around the Green Ranger. As a kid I absolutely loved the original show. I am willing to give this a shot when it comes out.

7. “My Addiction to Pornography – It’s Not Just a Man’s Issue” by Jennifer Smith

As we anticipate our upcoming Counseling Seminar in January on Pornography one area of focus that Denise Hardy and I will make is on counseling woman who struggle with porn. It is far more common than our current culture suggests and women in particular experience some unique roadblocks for their recovery. This testimony is a beautiful reminder both that women struggle and that there is hope for them. We need these reminders in the church as we seek to be helpful.

8. “The OxyContin Clan: The $14 Billion Newcomer to the Forbes 2015 List of Richest U.S. Families” by Alex Morrell

This story covers the 16th richest family in the U.S., the Sackler family, who made their money by manufacturing the highly controversial opioid OxyContin. The prolific abuse of the drug makes this family’s fortune seem disheartening to me.

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