Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1.  A review of Gospel Conversations by Robert Kellemen

This is the training manual I am anticipating using this summer for our Counseling Labs class, it’s highly practical and thorough. Next week I’ll give my full review.

2. Studies in Leviticus: The Sanctity of Sex (Leviticus 18)

Continuing our look at Leviticus, next week we will discuss God’s laws regarding sex and sexual intimacy.

3. Christmas Faith: The Faith of the Shepherds

The various Biblical accounts we read during the Christmas season reveal some important features of godly faith. Next week we will look at the account of the Shepherds and their own faith.

4. The Research and Development Department of the Local Church

What if the church supported creative theological study and the development of best ministry practices? Next week I am going to attempt to argue that it really should.

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