Monthly Love: November

NovHere’s some of what I loved in the month of November:

1. A History of Western Philosophy and Theology by John Frame

Dr. Frame has been one of the most influential theologians in my life. I have benefited immensely from reading him, listening to him, and speaking with him. So, when I heard that he was coming out with a history of philosophy textbook I was pumped. I got an early review edition thanks to P&R and I have been loving every page of it. Not only does Frame offer a unique perspective on surveying this history, but he gives Christians a real useful tool for considering the influences and shapers of cultures past and present and how to critique and appreciate each them.

2. Powerhouse Gym

This month marked my one year anniversary of faithfully and consistently going to the gym. I am not sure that saying I “loved” the gym is technically accurate, but I’ve appreciated it. I like that my gym is small and yet has all that I need to work out. I am also grateful for both the results of working out consistently and thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to get healthier.

3. “Should Have Known Better” by Sufjan Stevens

The whole Carrie & Lowell album is fantastic, but for some reason this particular song has just struck me as beautiful and haunting this month. I’ve been listening to it on repeat often.

4. Green Dot Stables

Camel! Yup, that’s right, I ate a camel slider here. The regularly rotating mystery meat is well prepared and delicious. In addition the unique fries (venison chilli or truffle) were amazing! I love this place down in Midtown and intend to go back many, many times!

5. Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical

We had some very sweet friends invite us to go with them to see this musical at the Fox Theatre this month. Not only is this my all-time favorite holiday special, so that made it a great way to kick off the season, but it was our first time getting to go to the Fox, which is a Detroit staple. The production was great, a unique take on this familiar story, and there was lots of crowd participation invited as the actors engaged regularly with us. It was well done, beautifully performed, and a lot of fun!

6. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

This new show on Netflix is awesome. Like Marvel’s Daredevil, another Netflix original, this show is intense, gritty, and dramatic. The comic book nerd in me just loves to see these shows put on the screen, but when they are done well they are even more exciting, and JJ is done well!

7. “Tompkins Square Park” by Mumford & Sons

The whole new Mumford album is great, but this first song is my favorite. It’s got a great pop rock sound to it and its lyrically interesting. The whole album is a unique sound for the band, and it kicks off well with this track.

8. Christmas Music

Tis the season, and I love Christmas music. We always break out our favorites as we decorate the tree and they will keep me company until December 26th. I am particularly enjoying revisiting the Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums.

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