This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I compile a list of fascinating articles from around the web. Here’s this week’s list, check it out:

1.”Random Article” by Alan Noble

Alan is a brilliant writer and the only person I know who can turn a random Wikepedia search into a philosophical reflection on the vastness of existence. This is a fun and clever piece, friends.

2. “Os Guinness: Welcome to the Grand Age of Apologetics” by Tim Stafford

In this interview with philosopher Os Guinness about his new book Fool’s Talk, Guinness walks us through why apologetics matters today and some of the men who most influenced him. This is a good read and I look forward to reading Fool’s Talk in the future.

3. “Heroin Overdose Deaths on the Rise in Michigan” by McCarton Ackerman

This is a sad story, but one that is important for us to be aware of, especially those of us involved in recovery ministries. Heroin overdose has been on the rise nationally for a while, this article claims that Michigan’s numbers are actually surpassing the national average. Pray for ministries like Recovery @ Cornerstone as we seek to help those in need.

4. “10 Reasons Pornography has Power” by Chuck Lawless

This is a really good list that talks about a broad array of points: discipleship, confession, privacy, and early exposure among them.

5. “3 Ways Christians can Learn from Wendell Berry” by Joel Pickney

The author points to Berry’s writings on three topics: love of the earth, love of work, and love of community. Each is developed across Berry’s numerous works of fiction and non-fiction and have much to teach us. Read this piece from The Ethics and Religious Liberty Council and then read some of Berry’s works first-hand.

6. “Pope’s Creation Teachings Nothing New for Francis Schaeffer Fans” by John Murdock

Evangelicals have no pope, but if we did it would have been Schaeffer. In this piece from Christianity Today, Murdock shows some parallels between Schaeffer’s thoughts on creation care and the Pope’s teaching’s on the subject. This is worth reading. While Catholics consider afresh this doctrine, Evangelicals generally neglect it, but Schaeffer can help make connections for Protestants on this point.

7. “There is No Pro-Life Case for Planned Parenthood” by Ross Douthat

Douthat has written a brilliant piece arguing that, despite all its many claims, Planned Parenthood is not first and foremost about women’s health and decreasing the number of abortions. He makes a compelling case in this particular paragraph:

So let’s be clear about what’s really going on here. It is not the pro-life movement that’s forced Planned Parenthood to unite actual family planning and mass feticide under one institutional umbrella. It is not the Catholic Church or the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles or the Southern Baptist Convention or the Republican Party that have bundled pap smears and pregnancy tests and HPV vaccines with the kind of grisly business being conducted on those videos. This is Planned Parenthood’s choice; it is liberalism’s choice; it is the respectable center-left of Dana Milbank and Ruth Marcus and Will Saletan that’s telling pro-life and pro-choice Americans alike that contraceptive access and fetal dismemberment are just a package deal, that if you want to fund an institution that makes contraception widely available then you just have to live with those “it’s another boy!” fetal corpses in said institution’s freezer, that’s just the price of women’s health care and contraceptive access, and who are you to complain about paying it, since after all the abortion arm of Planned Parenthood is actually pretty profitable and doesn’t need your tax dollars?

This is well worth your read, friends.

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