Monthly Love: May

mayHere are just a few of my favorite things from the month of May:

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Despite some mixed critical reviews, I loved this film. The comic-nerd in me was freaking out. Some of my favorite characters and stories were introduced in this film, but there were also some compelling thematic developments. I loved the interplay and contrasts between Tony Stark, Ultron, and Vision, and the thematic development of the idea of salvation. There’s a lot to love about this film.

2. Thai Tea

I had my first-ever glass of this in May and I loved it! Thai tea is made from strongly brewed Ceylon tea, orange blossom water, and cream (or evaporated or coconut milk). It was delicious.

3. Side By Side by Ed Welch

This was a fantastic book for on the basics of what might be termed “spiritual friendship.” It’s great for lay counselors, small group leaders, and deacons (or basically all Christians everywhere). I loved its simple approach to unpacking the basics of loving others well.

4. Netflix’s Daredevil

If Ben Affleck ruined any hopes of a decent Marvel Cinematic production of the Daredevil Comic, let Netflix offer some hope. They’ve done a good job of writing a well-developed story, acquiring quality actors (Vincent D’Onofrio is amazing), and great action. It’s the first Marvel television series I can get behind. We watched the whole season this month and, while Krista didn’t like it, I enjoyed it.

5. Terry Virgo

I had the joy of hearing pastor Virgo at this month’s Plant Midwest meeting. He was compelling, encouraging, and convicting. His convictions about prayer far outweigh my own, and as a result his experience of God’s presence and sovereignty far outweigh my own. I was challenged to make some serious changes and am anxious to read some of Terry’s works.

6. Spiritual Friendship by Wesley Hill

This might be the best book I’ve read all year! Hill not only unpacks the concept of friendship in a fresh, compelling, and insightful way, but his own personal narrative is both comforting and insightful itself. This work is the kind of resource that the whole church needs to reevaluate the ways in which it engages in community. I am excited to recommend it to many.

7. Journal of Biblical Counseling

This publication is consistently full of insightful and practical help for counseling. The latest issue has a great discussion on discerning the roots of an entitlement behavior. I don’t generally read every article in a single issue, but there are almost always two or three that are worth the price of the subscription.

8. Charles Hodges

Dr. Hodges is a phenomenal counselor to learn from. His insights as a medical doctor are immensely helpful and yet he is faithful to what the Scriptures actually say. This month I had the joy of listening to him lecture on counseling those with OCD and it was a great help.

9. S’mores Oreos

I totally busted my healthy eating diet when Krista brought these home…now I hate myself.

10. Dancing at Weddings

I am not even remotely a good dancer, but I love dancing. There is so much joy and laughter and freedom in dancing, especially at weddings. Our senior pastor’s daughter was married this weekend and we had the joy of attending the ceremony and the reception with some of our friends. It was a wonderful time.


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