This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here’s this week’s collection of interesting articles from around the web. Check it out; there’s bound to be something here that interests you.

1. “Humility and Anxiety” by Dave Dunham

I had submitted this piece to The Biblical Counseling Coalition a while back and it went up this week. In this particular piece I discuss the relationship between anxiety and humility and explore the implications of Peter’s counsel to the persecuted church in Asia Minor for those of us today who experience worry.

2. “Sam Storms Talks Beings A Biblical Charismatic” by Stephen Altrogge

There are some for whom that phrase is an oxymoron: Biblical Charismatic. I’d encourage you to listen to the podcast and see what Storms has to say about the pursuit of the gifts of the Spirit and how one can be Biblically faithful and pursue those gifts. It’s good to learn from those who differ from us and be sharpened in our understanding and approach to the Word of God.

3. “Love and Gay Marriage” by Elizabeth Corey and Mary Campbell

Two sisters share how they’ve been able to maintain a quality relationship despite disagreeing on the subject of gay marriage. This is a particularly interesting piece because the one sister is gay. There is some really good stuff here about the loving a person’s character, not reducing them to their sexuality, and some good words about how to conduct ourselves with civility and kindness in a pluralist age. It’s definitely worth a read.

4. “The Pattern Among Fallen Pastors” by Garrett Kell

This is such an important word, and not just for pastors. Kell outlines the patterns that lead men to great sin: isolation, spiritual neglect, flirting with temptation, and pride. He asks readers some good questions for consideration of their own present state and gives some good warnings. This is one of those rare pieces of writing that I will likely print out and set on my desk as an important reminder.

5. “How to Ask Better Questions” by Drew Dixon

My friend Drew has some wonderful guidelines for helping small group leaders think about how to ask the best questions in their groups and how to engage people in actual personal reflection and growth. I highly recommend this article to all small group leaders.

6. “Sandra McCraken on Life, Loss, and Longing in the Psalms” by Ivan Mesa

A wonderful interview with the artist on the release of her new album, which she describes as follows:

These are sacred, borrowed words, with new melodies to help draw the longing and joy up out of our hearts and onto our lips, as we watch and wait to see his story come in it’s fullness.

A great album and a good interview.

7. “The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage” by Meg Jay

More than 7.5 million couples live together before marriage. Yet the results of living together have a negative result. This piece from the New York Times discussing the “Cohabitating Effect” that reveals those who live together before marriage are far less satisfied with their marriages, and often end up divorced. It’s a good reminder that departing from God’s way never ends happily.

8. “Gluttony: Gospel Reflections for Foodies & Comfort Eaters” by Brad Hambrick

Hambrick gives us some real “food for thought.” He lists six motives for gluttony and challenges us to think Biblically about each. A very worthwhile read.

9. “Daredevil, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Good Samaritan” by Julie Ooms

This is a great series on Netflix. Here the author helps us understand some more of what makes it so compelling. In particular we see how Daredevil undermines the common superhero trope of the lone hero fighting to save those he loves by distancing himself from them. Instead, “Matt Murdock’s story, with those of his friends, positively reinforces the idea that heroes should suffer with their communities rather than standing apart and suffering for them.” A good read from the folks at Christ and Pop Culture on a good show.

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